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The Safe Rapid Detox Difference

Understanding PPO Rehab

Choosing the right rehabilitation facility is a pivotal step towards recovery for many individuals struggling with substance addiction. Among the various insurance plans available, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) offer a level of flexibility and choice in selecting healthcare providers, including rehab facilities. Costa Mesa PPO rehab centers exemplify the integration of comprehensive treatment programs with the financial accessibility provided by PPO insurance plans.

The Safe Rapid Detox Difference

At Safe Rapid Detox, we've carved a niche in the realm of drug addiction treatment, offering a unique rapid detox procedure that stands out in both its approach and effectiveness. Guided by Dr. Thomas C. Yee's extensive experience, our methodology focuses on safety, comfort, and a high standard of medical care throughout the detox process.

Benefits of Costa Mesa PPO Rehab

Opting for Costa Mesa PPO rehab facilitates access to specialized treatment modalities, such as the rapid detox procedure pioneered by Safe Rapid Detox. This approach not only aligns with the financial capabilities of many patients due to PPO insurance coverage but also ensures a medically sound path to recovery.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment at Safe Rapid Detox goes beyond the initial detoxification. We understand the complexities of addiction and focus on long-term recovery and relapse prevention through comprehensive drug addiction therapy. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Yee, is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Our Approach to Treatment

  • One-day rapid detox procedure designed for maximum effectiveness and patient comfort.
  • 72-hour treatment protocol addressing the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning to support a smooth transition back to daily life.

Holistic Care and Pain Management

Understanding the intricate relationship between pain management and addiction is central to our treatment philosophy. By addressing both the physical symptoms and underlying emotional or psychological factors, we offer a holistic approach to recovery that seeks to heal the entire person, not just the addiction.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Testimonials from past patients underscore the transformative impact of our unique detox procedure and the compassionate care provided by our team. These stories of recovery and renewal highlight the effectiveness of our approach and our unwavering commitment to helping individuals reclaim their lives from addiction.

Insurance and Financial Considerations

The acceptance of PPO insurance plans at Safe Rapid Detox ensures that a wider range of individuals can access our pioneering treatment without the burden of excessive out-of-pocket costs. We strive to make our services accessible to all who need them, recognizing the importance of financial considerations in the decision to seek treatment.

Getting Started

Embarking on the journey to recovery begins with reaching out. Contact Safe Rapid Detox today to speak with our Rapid Detox Doctor and learn more about how our program can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. We're here to provide the information, support, and care needed to take the first step towards a healthier, addiction-free life.


What makes rapid detox different?

Rapid detox at Safe Rapid Detox is a medically supervised procedure that significantly accelerates the detox process, minimizing withdrawal symptoms and reducing the duration of treatment. This innovative approach is particularly beneficial for those seeking a swift transition into recovery.

Is rapid detox safe?

Under the experienced supervision of Dr. Thomas C. Yee and our medical team, rapid detox is conducted with the utmost attention to patient safety and comfort. Our facility is equipped to manage the detox process with a high standard of care, ensuring a safe and effective treatment experience.

How does PPO insurance work with rehab?

PPO insurance plans offer flexibility in choosing healthcare providers, including rehab facilities like Safe Rapid Detox. Coverage details can vary, so it's important to verify your benefits and understand how your plan applies to addiction treatment services. Our team can assist with navigating insurance questions to ensure you maximize your coverage benefits.

Our Approach to Treatment

Does LA Care cover inpatient rehab?

LA Care, like many PPO insurance plans, often provides coverage for inpatient rehab services. However, coverage can vary significantly based on the specific plan and the level of care required. It's always wise to directly contact your insurance provider or a knowledgeable representative to understand the specifics of your coverage. This ensures you're fully aware of what treatments are covered, any associated copays, or if there are preferred facilities that align with your plan to minimize out-of-pocket costs. Insurance plans are designed to make rehabilitation accessible, and navigating these details upfront can make your journey towards recovery smoother.

How much does it cost a person on average for inpatient rehabilitation in the state of Wisconsin?

The cost of inpatient rehabilitation in Wisconsin, as in many other states, can vary widely depending on several factors including the type of facility, the length of stay, and the specific treatments provided. On average, costs can range from $5,000 to $20,000 per month. Some facilities may offer more advanced treatment options or amenities that can increase the cost. It's essential to consider how your PPO insurance plan can offset these expenses. Understanding your insurance coverage can significantly reduce the financial burden by maximizing the benefits available to you, thereby making your focus on recovery stronger without the added stress of financial strain.

What are the unique benefits of choosing Safe Rapid Detox for treatment?

At Safe Rapid Detox, patients benefit from a uniquely rapid approach to detoxification that minimizes the duration of withdrawal symptoms, making the transition to recovery faster and more comfortable. Our one-day rapid detox procedure, under the experienced supervision of Dr. Thomas C. Yee and his team, reduces the physical toll on the body and expedites the recovery process. We combine this with comprehensive aftercare planning, focusing on both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. This dual approach ensures that patients are not just treated but are also equipped with strategies to manage their recovery long-term, making our method a holistic and innovative choice for those seeking freedom from addiction.

How does insurance coverage work for rapid detox procedures?

Navigating insurance coverage for rapid detox can seem daunting at first. Most PPO plans offer a level of flexibility that includes coverage for detox procedures, but the extent of coverage varies. At Safe Rapid Detox, we work closely with patients to verify insurance benefits and ensure they utilize the maximum coverage offered by their plan. We understand the importance of making treatment accessible and strive to simplify the financial aspect so that patients can focus on their recovery. It's imperative to communicate openly with our administrative team, who are well-versed in handling these queries, making the process as seamless as possible.

How safe is the rapid detox procedure?

Safety is our top priority during the rapid detox process. Led by Dr. Thomas C. Yee, our approach is rooted in years of medical expertise and a deep understanding of the detoxification process. Patients are under continuous care and monitored closely throughout the procedure to ensure their utmost safety and comfort. The rapid detox technique has evolved significantly, and by adhering to stringent medical standards and tailoring our approach to each patient, we can confidently say that the procedure is not only effective but also safe. Every potential patient undergoes a thorough medical evaluation to ensure they are a suitable candidate for rapid detox, further personalizing and securing the process.

Why is a holistic approach to recovery important?

Adopting a holistic approach to recovery is fundamental because addiction is a complex disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. At Safe Rapid Detox, we believe in treating the individual as a whole. Our treatment doesn't stop at addressing the physical dependency on substances; we delve deeper into the psychological triggers and emotional challenges that contribute to addiction. By offering comprehensive therapy and support systems, we aim to equip our patients with the tools they need for long-term recovery and wellness. A holistic approach fosters a more sustainable recovery by ensuring that patients are prepared to face life beyond our facility with confidence and resilience.


Costa Mesa PPO rehab

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From Patient in 2008 E.P.

Things here are going great thanks to you all. I hope you continue what you are doing. You are changing peoples lives forever. If you are getting phone calls from people but that's all it is. I would love to help people make the right and smart decision.

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Sent: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

Our daughter went through rapid detox about 4 months ago. She was addicted to opiates after pain suffered in a car accident over 2 years ago. Through counseling, she finally decided that she "wanted to get her life back." We did not know that she was addicted, but we knew that she was in constant pain,

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Sent: Tues, May 27, 2008 10:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice. I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons. I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that)...

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