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Addiction Treatment South Florida

Addiction Treatment South Florida

Emerge Recovery Center offers customizable addiction treatment in South Florida to individuals who have completed the inpatient treatment and seek long-term assistance and guidance. The inpatient treatment is ideal for dealing with severe addictions that require a controlled and structured recovery environment, but it’s not enough to ensure long-lasting sobriety. You need more than that.

Are outpatient programs worth it?

At our facility, we rely on three recovery programs that function on an outpatient basis:

  1. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – A Day and Night treatment providing therapy, medication management services, and counseling for six days per week. You can return home to spend your nights with your family after each treatment session.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP comes right after PHP and offers treatment and medical and psychiatric assistance for three days per week. It will help you deal with cravings, co-occurring disorders and adopt a healthier and more stable lifestyle moving forward.
  3. Outpatient program – The outpatient program is the final level of care whose main goal is to promote community involvement, social reintegration, and self-sustainability.

Outpatient programs aim to grow on the inpatient treatment foundation, helping patients adopt a more balanced lifestyle over the years. This includes teaching:

  • Optimal nutritional habits – Eating properly is key to physical and mental health, especially for individuals who are recovering from prolonged addiction.
  • Self-sustainability – You will learn everything about taking care of yourself, improving your financial status, making new friends, and fixing broken relationships.
  • Relapse prevention education – How to prevent and avoid social and familial triggers and quit relationships that acted as catalysts for your addiction.
  • Self-development – Our addiction treatment in South Florida aims to help you understand your true potential and uncover your real interests, hobbies, and long-term goals. You will learn about getting a stable career, getting back with your family and loved ones, and build a better and more flourishing future for yourself and those you care about over the years.

This shows without a doubt that outpatient programs are critical for a smooth, safe, and successful recovery from addiction.

Where to find help with drug addiction?

If you’re experiencing debilitating withdrawal symptoms, we recommend contacting our professionals right away! We can assess your condition during intake and recommend appropriate measures depending on what we find. Our professionals may recommend detox and inpatient treatment before beginning our outpatient programs.

If you’ve already completed the inpatient treatment and now seek follow-up clinical assistance, we’re ready to take you in. Our outpatient facilities offer personalized treatment in a controlled and comfortable environment for an unforgettable recovery experience. Our addiction treatment in South Florida acts as a gateway to a healthy, stable, and sober lifestyle over the years.

If you need help, but you’re undecided about the ideal rehab treatment, contact our team today. At Emerge Recovery Center, we offer patient-oriented rehabilitation services, long-term relapse prevention assistance, and lifestyle tips for a healthier and more fulfilling life post-rehab. Call our outpatient center, come in for a clinical assessment, and begin the journey for a better life!

Addiction Treatment South Florida
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Addiction Treatment South Florida
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From Patient in 2008 E.P.

Things here are going great thanks to you all. I hope you continue what you are doing. You are changing peoples lives forever. If you are getting phone calls from people but that's all it is. I would love to help people make the right and smart decision.

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Sent: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm
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Our daughter went through rapid detox about 4 months ago. She was addicted to opiates after pain suffered in a car accident over 2 years ago. Through counseling, she finally decided that she "wanted to get her life back." We did not know that she was addicted, but we knew that she was in constant pain,

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Sent: Tues, May 27, 2008 10:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice. I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons. I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that)...

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