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Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

Understanding Detox Clinic Anaheim

At Safe Rapid Detox, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and highly effective treatment option for individuals struggling with opiate addiction. Our founder, Dr. Thomas C. Yee, brings over 19 years of experience to the field of medical addiction treatment, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of care. The one-day rapid detox procedure we offer is not just a medical procedure; it's a step towards a new life.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

Personalized Care and Safety

Every individual's journey to recovery is unique, which is why our approach to treatment is highly personalized. From the moment patients walk into our facility, they're met with a team that's committed to their safety, comfort, and privacy. The process starts with a thorough assessment to tailor the detox and recovery plan to each patient's specific needs.

Family Involvement

Understanding the vital role that family plays in recovery, we keep families informed and involved throughout the treatment process. This not only helps in creating a supportive environment for our patients but also aids in healing the family as a unit.

Our Rapid Detox Program

The 72-hour rapid detox treatment at Safe Rapid Detox goes beyond traditional detox methods. Utilizing advanced medical techniques, Dr. Yee and his team work to quickly and safely cleanse the body of opiates, reducing the physical withdrawal symptoms that can often be a barrier to recovery. This medical intervention is followed by comprehensive drug addiction therapy to address the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

Pain Management and Holistic Care

Pain management is an integral part of our treatment philosophy. We believe in treating not just the addiction but also the underlying pain or discomfort that may have led to drug use initially. By addressing the root cause of addiction, we aim to provide a holistic path to recovery.

Services and Treatment Options

Detox Clinic Anaheim Specialties

  • Opiate Addiction Treatment
  • One-Day Rapid Detox Procedure
  • Comprehensive Addiction Therapy
  • Pain Management

Insurance and Accessibility

Understanding the financial burden that addiction treatment can pose, we accept PPO insurance, making our services accessible to a wider range of individuals seeking help. We believe financial constraints should not be a barrier to receiving quality treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Our patients' success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. The life-changing impact of our services is evident in the numerous testimonials from those who have reclaimed their lives through our program. Dr. Yee and his team are dedicated to providing support, empathy, and the highest level of medical care throughout the recovery process.

Taking the First Step Towards Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we're here to help. Contact Safe Rapid Detox today to speak with our Rapid Detox Doctor and take the first step towards a healthier, addiction-free lifestyle. Our team is committed to guiding you through every step of your recovery journey, offering the expertise and support you need to overcome addiction.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right detox clinic is a critical first step in overcoming addiction. At Safe Rapid Detox, we offer a scientifically-backed, rapid detox process overseen by Dr. Thomas C. Yee, a leader in the field. Our focus on pain management, personalized care, and the inclusion of family in the recovery process sets us apart. With decades of experience and a compassionate approach, we offer a unique solution to those seeking help with opiate addiction.

Our commitment to privacy, safety, and effective treatment ensures that each patient receives the tailored care they deserve in a supportive environment. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, we aim to deliver a comprehensive treatment solution that encourages long-term recovery and a return to a fulfilling life.

Visit our website at for more information on our services and approach to drug addiction treatment. Let us help you find the path to recovery and reclaim your life from addiction.

Services and Treatment Options

Why Choose Detox Clinic Anaheim for Opiate Addiction Treatment?

Choosing Detox Clinic Anaheim, led by Dr. Thomas C. Yee, means opting for a unique approach that combines medical excellence with personalized care. With over 19 years of experience in medical addiction treatment, Dr. Yee's one-day rapid detox procedure is not just about overcoming addiction physically; it's about setting the foundation for a new life. Every patient is treated with utmost privacy and safety, ensuring a supportive environment for recovery. This method is particularly effective for patients struggling with opiate addiction, offering them a fresh start with minimal discomfort.

If you're considering taking the first step towards recovery, why not reach out to learn more about how our approach can be tailored to your unique situation?

What Sets Our Rapid Detox Program Apart from Traditional Methods?

Our 72-hour rapid detox treatment stands out because it's rooted in advanced medical techniques that ensure the safe and quick elimination of opiates from the body. Traditional detox methods often come with longer, more painful withdrawal periods. By contrast, our program, overseen by Dr. Yee, minimizes the physical discomfort typically associated with withdrawal, providing a smoother transition into recovery. This immediate physical relief is complemented by comprehensive addiction therapy to tackle the emotional and psychological aspects of addiction, offering a holistic path towards healing and recovery.

Curious about how this approach could change your recovery journey? Let's discuss your concerns and how we can address them.

How Do We Involve Families in the Recovery Process?

We recognize the pivotal role families play in the recovery process, which is why we ensure they are informed and actively involved from day one. Keeping families in the loop helps create a supportive network for the patient, which is essential for long-term recovery. Furthermore, involving the family aids in healing relationships that may have been strained due to addiction. This collective healing is crucial for creating an environment where the patient can thrive post-treatment.

Wondering how you can support your loved one during their recovery journey? Let's explore how family involvement can make a significant difference.

Addressing Misconceptions About Pain Management in Addiction Treatment

There's a common misconception that addressing pain during addiction treatment can lead to relapse. However, our philosophy at Safe Rapid Detox is that pain management is a critical component of the recovery process. By understanding and treating the underlying pain or discomfort that may have led to initial drug use, we're not just treating addiction; we're treating the whole person. This comprehensive approach ensures a more sustainable recovery, minimizing the risk of relapse due to untreated pain.

Have you or a loved one been putting off treatment due to fear of pain? Let's talk about how our pain management protocols can provide comfort and assurance during your recovery process.

What Insurance Options are Available for Treatment?

Understanding the financial burden that addiction treatment can pose, we accept PPO insurance to make our services accessible to a wider range of individuals seeking help. This initiative ensures that financial constraints do not become a barrier to receiving quality treatment. Our team is ready to work with you to explore your insurance options and ensure you receive the care you deserve without undue financial stress.

Concerned about the costs associated with treatment? Reach out to us for a confidential discussion about your insurance options and how we can assist.

The Importance of Comprehensive Addiction Therapy Post-Detox

Detoxification is just the first step on the road to recovery. Comprehensive addiction therapy post-detox is vital to address the emotional, psychological, and behavioral aspects of addiction. This therapy aids in understanding the root causes of addiction, developing coping mechanisms, and preventing relapse. At Safe Rapid Detox, we integrate personalized therapy sessions as part of the recovery process, ensuring that patients have the tools they need for a successful and lasting return to daily life.

Are you ready to explore how comprehensive addiction therapy can aid in your recovery process? Let's delve into your path towards long-lasting healing and sobriety together.


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From Patient in 2008 E.P.

Things here are going great thanks to you all. I hope you continue what you are doing. You are changing peoples lives forever. If you are getting phone calls from people but that's all it is. I would love to help people make the right and smart decision.

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Sent: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

Our daughter went through rapid detox about 4 months ago. She was addicted to opiates after pain suffered in a car accident over 2 years ago. Through counseling, she finally decided that she "wanted to get her life back." We did not know that she was addicted, but we knew that she was in constant pain,

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Sent: Tues, May 27, 2008 10:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice. I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons. I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that)...

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