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Emdr Therapy Treatment Center

Emdr Therapy Treatment Center

We believe instilling a fresh memory of life skills is the key to people living in recovery. Our therapists understand that a significant aspect of treatment programs is helping rediscover or rebuild their spirituality. Our guidance helps one to connect with the higher power so you can find inner peace and strength. Our EMDR therapy treatment center ensures clients go through authorized trauma treatments while allowing them the freedom to explore the innermost mental depths. One popular method of therapy is Los Angeles EMDR therapy.

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing allows one to process and interpret different traumatic memories in a relaxed space. The theory is that you have the peace of mind to support the peaceful rediscovery of your spirituality. The nondenominational guidance encouraged one to find emotions and thought patterns that are usually too far off to fetch. We integrate your traumatic memories in the therapy sessions so you can remember past distress while exposing yourself to new ways of health.

What can you expect from the EMDR specialist?

The first thing to understand is that EMDR has eight distinct consecutive stages, with much information on how they will instigate healing. The general phases of EMDR include the following:

Client history

The EMDR therapist in Los Angeles County evaluates the client to uncover their exact ability to tolerate exposure to distress. They create a formula that is specific to the person to find an accurate recognition.


The LA EMDR therapist lays the groundwork for treatment by teaching self-control schemes of how best to cope with different stressful situations.


We identify specific traumatic memories and help you choose an image with the most negative sensation. Often, the procedure aims to change all negative beliefs into positive thoughts.


The therapy involves reducing the client’s reaction to a traumatic event, such as rapid heart rate, stomach discomfort, and sweating.


We install new positive thoughts to establish a new thought pattern and, eventually, a new persona.

Body scan

The body scan is a meditative technique that scans the body for physical sensations to target further processing.


We stabilize the patient with control techniques that require one to keep records of adverse reactions. These records are useful for all future corrective meetings.


The final stage is to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment by identifying all other trauma responses to heal the patient thoroughly.

What strategies do we use to apply EMDR?

EMDR uses different strategies, such as bilateral stimulation, to bolster emotional healing. We have different psychological exercises using voice, gestures, and physical touch to trigger memories and reprogramming. The purpose of all these different therapy treatments is to charge your emotions to benefit from all programs.

How to get the most from an EMDR therapy sessions


Understand that it is okay to be nervous while discovering painful memories. We will, however, prepare you with various relaxation techniques so you can get powerful coping mechanisms. You should be vulnerable enough to trust the Los Angeles EMDR therapist to give you counseling therapy through the healing. Talk to us (818-651-0725) to learn more about the specific therapy form or to verify your insurance.

Emdr Therapy Treatment Center
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Emdr Therapy Treatment Center
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