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Introduction to Safe Rapid Detox

At Safe Rapid Detox, under the guidance of Dr. Thomas C. Yee, we've fine-tuned our addiction treatment practices to offer a transformative experience in drug addiction therapy. With over 19 years of experience in various critical medical care fields, Dr. Yee's expertise shines through our unique one-day rapid detox procedure. Our mission is to make this journey as comfortable and effective as possible for our patients, focusing on medical safety and privacy in a professional setting.

Our Detox Programs

Comprehensive Care: We offer a 72-hour rapid detox treatment that looks deeply into the body's chemistry, ensuring that severe drug addictions are addressed with the highest standard of medical care. Our approach is holistic, considering not just the physical aspect of addiction, but also the emotional and psychological facets.

Medical Supervision: From the moment our patients enter our facility, they are under constant supervision by our skilled medical team. This continuous care extends until they are confidently ready to transition back to everyday life.

Our Approach to Healthcare Services

At Safe Rapid Detox, we integrate various detoxification techniques, including cleanse and detoxification processes that are supported by holistic medicine principles and natural remedies. Our nutrition counseling services play a significant role in our program, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care to support their recovery journey.

The Benefits of Detox Under Medical Supervision

  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Individualized care and attention
  • Guidance through withdrawal symptoms
  • Support for mental health challenges
  • Safe and comfortable detoxification process

Cleanse and Detoxification: A Holistic Approach

We believe in the power of holistic medicine to treat drug addiction. This encompasses not just medical treatments but also the use of natural remedies and nutrition to support the body's own healing processes. Our detox doctor in Newport, Dr. Thomas C. Yee, is a strong advocate for this comprehensive approach, ensuring that each patient's treatment plan is as effective and sustainable as possible.

The Role of Nutrition in Recovery

Nutrition Counseling: An essential part of our program is nutrition counseling. We understand that a balanced diet is vital in detoxification and recovery, providing the body with the nutrients it needs to repair and strengthen. Our dedicated team works closely with each patient, developing personalized nutrition plans that support their overall wellness and recovery.

Why Choose Safe Rapid Detox?

Choosing the right detox program and healthcare service is crucial. At Safe Rapid Detox, we are committed to providing a safe, private, and effective treatment path led by a seasoned detox doctor in Newport. Our patients benefit from the expertise of Dr. Thomas C. Yee and his medical team, who are devoted to offering the highest standard of care throughout the detox process.

Testimonials: Transformative Experiences

Our past patients' testimonials are a testament to the life-changing impact of our services. The dedication and compassion of Dr. Thomas C. Yee and our team have helped countless individuals overcome addiction, highlighting the effectiveness of our approach to detox and recovery.

Conclusion: Take the First Step Towards Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we invite you to contact Safe Rapid Detox today. Speak with our experienced Rapid Detox Doctor in Newport, Dr. Thomas C. Yee, and take the first step towards a healthier, addiction-free lifestyle. Our team is ready to support you through every step of your recovery journey, providing the care, knowledge, and understanding needed to reclaim your life.

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Opiate Abuse

Heroin use is on the rise with in almost every age group and in all income levels.

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From Patient in 2008 E.P.

Things here are going great thanks to you all. I hope you continue what you are doing. You are changing peoples lives forever. If you are getting phone calls from people but that's all it is. I would love to help people make the right and smart decision.

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Sent: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

Our daughter went through rapid detox about 4 months ago. She was addicted to opiates after pain suffered in a car accident over 2 years ago. Through counseling, she finally decided that she "wanted to get her life back." We did not know that she was addicted, but we knew that she was in constant pain,

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Sent: Tues, May 27, 2008 10:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice. I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons. I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that)...

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